That's pretty much it. now get out there and explore.

Always be extra kind to flight stewardesses - they all have hard schedules

I have a cool iPhone app that tells me where all the free wifi places are in the world - I just bring that, sometimes a bluetooth keyboard, my shootsac that I put inside a backpack, one wide angle lens (14mm 2.8L II), tilt shift (24mm 3.5L II), and a portrait (50mm 1.2L), my kindle, journal, Bible, and only enough clothes to barely get by.

If you buy microfiber shirts that dry overnight, that'll save you TONS of headache.

If you can, rack up a ton of miles on ONE airline carrier
I use Alaska Airlines b/c they fly most places I go and have amazing MVP benefits (free first class upgrades, no security lines, mobile boarding passes, no change/cancel fees, great airline partners that fly anywhere in the world)
Get a Charles Schwab account so you can have a debit card that doesn't charge any ATM fees anywhere in the world.

Always look at multiple sites (Kayak, Vayama, Virgin, Jetblue, LAN)
Always buy on Tuesday or Wednesday night at around 11pm

Buy your tickets at the right time of the year if its international - prices get crazy low sometimes during the year!

Sign up for airfare watchdog

Follow all the airlines you like on twitter

Only take one suitcase if at ALL possible

Don't be afraid of planning absolutely NOTHING

Always have a universal power converter

Talk to strangers and get to know local people as best you can

Use couchsurfers.com - its absolutely amazing

after going around the globe a few times I've picked up a few tricks of the trade for traveling. here's to hoping you don't have to make all the same mistakes I did.

Some Travel Tips

Josh Newton